Friday, April 27, 2012

Diseases caused by different strains and other abnormalities in the testes

Such diseases include testicular torsion, deformation of the spermatic cord, which prevents the blood circulation in the testis and leading to compression of the vas deferens. The disease requires immediate medical intervention, in the absence of which may develop hydrocele (hydrocele) or complete death of the body.

Varicocele, varicose veins of the spermatic cord, a dangerous disease, symptoms of which is a pain in the testicle. Varicocele in the later stages of development leads to infertility, and requests for surgery.

Bubonocele, a protrusion of the peritoneum in the inguinal canal, in the end is clamped spermatic cord. In inguinal hernia as well, pain in the testicles. The disease can occur in a flattened form, without causing discomfort. But in the case of infringements and exacerbations frequently require surgical intervention.

One of the most common answers to the question of why the testicles hurt is unsatisfied sexual arousal. Such a symptom familiar to most young men. When penile erection in the testes as the blood accumulates, causing them to swell. If for a long time is not ejaculation, there is a drawing pain in the testicles. Such feelings deliver significant discomfort, but do not carry significant health risks men.

The cause of pain in the testicles can be different and other factors, such as kidney stone disease, chronic cystitis, cysts or tumors in the kidneys, and other diseases of the genitourinary system.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Healthy Life

It may seem that the men with their sedentary lifestyle, reckless behavior, endless stress and complicated psyche downright doomed to heart attacks, ulcers, and impotence. Of course, this is not so! In addition to uncontrolled factors that adversely affect health, which include aging, heredity and gender, there are also five others, it is amenable to human influence: habits, health, exercise, diet and state of mind. And therefore, men's health and longevity - in their own hands.

Even with the mood and feeling "perfectly well", do not neglect such a measure, as the annual medical examination. European men are living much longer, and, mind you, healthy life through the state system of health monitoring. Annual check-ups can before the onset of a global health problem to identify the symptoms of its approach and neutralize its effects. Today, many Russian medical centers offer programs for men, including a visit to the physician, cardiologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, urologist and andrologist. Just one day survey will be a full picture of their own health.

Attention to diet - a key step toward better health. Proper nutrition is not only necessary for the adequate functioning of the body of a man, but also able to greatly protect against many diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Inadequate nutrition causes significant harm: excess calories leads to obesity and diabetes, lack of vitamins and minerals - to reduce the body's immune system, a large amount of salt provokes a rise of pressure. Experts recommend a balanced diet and be sure to take vitamins. It's not as difficult as it seems the main thing - to change your perspective on food.

Exercise should become a habit with male children. They support the health, strengthen the entire body, prevent disease and even slow the aging process. A man needs them at any age, but it is important to remember that the burden should be adequate. Running in the morning, swimming, hiking, failure of the elevator - what could be easier! This is - at least necessary for health, which if desired can easily becomes a habit, and a positive result will not be long in coming. The state will improve many times, if you find time for trips to the gym and regular exercise.

Habits - our second nature. And it is quite clear and need no further explanations have known the truth from the lips of parents, repeatedly confirmed by the Ministry of Health, "smoking kills", "smoking causes lung cancer '', a drop of nicotine can kill a horse," "a drunk makes a lot of things from what sober blushes" "Vodka - white, but the red nose and blackens the reputation. "

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Men Of The Disease

In most cases, even if the man knew about his illness and was aware of possible complications, the news of their own infertility is for him a complete surprise. Every woman will experience the shock and severe shock to learn that she can not have children, but often this can not be compared with the tragedy being experienced by a man with such news. In the subconscious of the majority of boys masculinity is almost identical to sexual function, and the inability to have children often causes irreparable blow to the ailing man's vanity.

Sterility in marriage caused a 45% of cases, unfortunately, the disease men. Sperm motility and movement momentum is crucial for the fertilization process, because they should be able to overcome the way from the vagina via the cervix to the fallopian tubes, where they were waiting ready to fertilize the egg.
Asthenozoospermia - reducing the number of motile sperm and their velocity in the ejaculate. In most cases, causes difficulties in conceiving.
No external symptoms is not observed. Suspected asthenozoospermia appears during prolonged inability to conceive a child, provided a regular sex life without contraception.

Reduced sperm motility occurs for many reasons:

nvironmental factors:
- Alcohol abuse and smoking,
- Radiation, electromagnetic radiation
- The impact of high temperatures
- Long-term abstinence

Endogenous factors:

- Inflammation of the male genital organs
- Autoimmune diseases
- Congenital anomalies of the structure and function of sperm

Friday, April 13, 2012


Prostatitis - one of the most common male diseases, so every man must devote sufficient attention to the prevention of this disease. The risk of prostatitis in the fact that the course of his treatment is quite complex and is accompanied by unpleasant physical sensations. In addition, the prostate can move into other, more serious diseases - such as BPH or cancer.

The cause of prostate inflammation in the body is getting some kind of infection. Very often a reaction to the infection manifests itself in people with reduced immunity. Prevent prostate is not even in the event that after the course of treatment of antibiotics, you got rid of most infectious diseases.

In addition, the prostate develops and because of stagnation in the prostate, arising from a sedentary, inactive lifestyle. So try to live an active, how can often go in for sports, hiking, regularly have sex. Very good for the prevention of prostate help to equestrian sports. This is sure to take note of people engaged in business who have spent hours at the table, as well as an avid motorists, move around only with the help of his four-wheeled friend.

It is also important for the prevention of prostate limit itself to its bad habits, and even better, and get rid of them altogether.

Avoid hypothermia: Do not sit on the bare earth, cold stones, etc.

As you probably noticed, all the recommendations for the prevention of prostatitis in essence exactly the same as general advice on healthy lifestyles. Do not forget about good nutrition: eat should be full, while avoiding spicy and fatty foods.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Zones of cellulite in men

Zones of localization of adipose tissue in the body are determined by hormones. Excess fat in the female body accumulate in the area of ​​the hips and pelvis in men - above the waist and around her. Such a roll of fat around the waist in a hug of love referred to as a joke. It poisons the life of the vast majority of men and, in fact, is a form of cellulitis. And it is not surprising, because men tend to make the same mistakes as the women. Representatives of the strong half of mankind and to the right to change your lifestyle. So you can avoid unwanted effects on the body to the waist of abuse.

Why do men appear cellulite:

Connective tissue in the male body is as vulnerable and exposed to the same physiological changes as in the female body. Certain factors that affect the male body, leading to the formation of stagnant phenomena cause cellulite. By the same factors may include:

    * Sedentary lifestyle;
    * Poor diet;
    * Stress;
    * Poor circulation of the fluid in the body;
    * Tight clothing (physiologists say that many men wear the belt for many years in the same place).

All this can lead to the formation of cellulite, a passive fat depot.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Signs of inflammation of the prostate

Risk of inflammation of the prostate are men who live an irregular sexual life, and those who are prone to frequent change of sexual partners. An even greater risk of inflammation is present in men who consume alcohol in large quantities. Inflammation of the prostate, or more precisely its development is incremental in nature. The first stage is prostate when capillaries are negative impacts, but the inflammation itself is not growing.

In this situation, this condition is easily treated with regular exercise and taking vitamin complexes to the overall strengthening of the body. The second stage begins the development of inflammation, but there is no infection. In fact, the diagnosis of inflammation of the prostate is quite difficult, as the manifestations of the disease in the early stages of its development when treatment gives a very good effect is extremely slight and nonspecific. When symptoms begin to become apparent, then it probably is already on chronic prostatitis.

Clear signs of inflammation of the prostate are divided into three main groups:
- Pain;
- Of urination;
- Sexual dysfunction.

In the development of inflammation of the prostate pain spreads from the initial focus on a very wide range, because the nerves from the prostate goes to all the internal organs located in the pelvis. Urination disorders can be observed in the early stages of disease, after which they may disappear altogether. However, the acquisition of the chronic nature of disease symptoms appear and become even more intense. Sexual disorders in prostate inflammation is usually the most alarming patients. Launched inflammation of the prostate leads to impotence. However, to give accurate predictions for the development of complications of prostatitis is not possible, since everything depends on the individual patient, how he reacts to the development of inflammation.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Why is premature ejaculation?

Early ejaculation is a condition where a man is unable to independently control the duration of the sexual act with a view to both he and his partner have enjoyed, and experienced an orgasm. Diagnosis of early ejaculation significantly complicated by the fact that men can have orgasms and get satisfaction even after the non-durable intercourse. Consequently, an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of early ejaculation is an objective assessment by a man of his sexual function and the existing deviations. The number of cases of early ejaculation of the stronger sex of reproductive age is relatively high. According to statistics, these men, there are at least thirty percent. Moreover, premature ejaculation - this is the tip of the iceberg, because such deviations lead to lower self-esteem in men, to the development of self-doubt and, therefore, to be alone. Such a man becomes difficult to communicate with a woman because of emerging systems.

The causes of early ejaculation should be classified as:
- Long-term "sexual hunger" or irregular and infrequent intercourse, causing increased sexual excitability;
- Discomfort, which may have a man during intercourse.

This discomfort may be related to the excitement about the possibility of dissatisfaction with your partner:
- Emotional and psychological setting for quick ejaculation, which is usually formed in adolescence and early adulthood at first sex, the cause of this phenomenon is the fear of being caught unawares;
- The individual characteristics of the structure of nerve endings in the penis are men who can enhance the excitability during sex;
- The individual characteristics of the brain responsible for the process of ejaculation, ejaculatory reflex when the limit is greatly reduced.