Thursday, March 15, 2012

Men under 40 years

Today, men and women to be sexual - it means to be in good shape, eat right, be active and full of vitality.

Healthy people get more out of life. Unfortunately, except for a general feeling of well-being, most of the benefits of healthy lifestyles of young people - in the future, a man 40 years old, who collected 16 points, might look slightly better than a score of zero, but in future this figure will bring the zero to its owner a lot of problems.

Over the years, everything changes. You might think that a man who has just recovered from a heart attack, feels worse than a neighbor who has lost all his teeth, but it is not necessary. A heart attack is, of course, collapses suddenly, but people adapt to it. Most likely, this person will continue a normal life, a little overwhelmed by what had happened, but most often without even thinking about it. A person who has to wear false teeth, always thinking that it is not as convenient as real teeth, and worried about how she had not dropped at the wrong time. It is not known which of the two men more concerned about their troubles, but it's safe to say that for those who have no such trouble, to live a much more pleasant. So treat your teeth seriously.

A man who wants to live happily under 40 years must use a seat belt in a car, practice safe sex and to a moderate lifestyle. In order to enjoy life after 40, it should be lean and not smoking. By tradition, the smokers and the fat man said that they would die young. This, of course, an exaggeration. Although their life expectancy is shorter, and many live to old age, only trouble is that it is - a life of chronic diseases.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Healthy living after 40 - 50

Any of the women has an opinion about what a "healthy lifestyle", and of course, all of them lead their lives as they see fit. Now we just pay attention to those aspects that are desirable to respect a woman after 40 years.

So, avoid alcohol. All, of course, aware of the dangers of alcohol, but it must be remembere that in addition to appearance of weakness, headaches, and various ailments of menopause, women can have, unfortunately, to get involved in alcohol and tobacco, thus aggravating the state of his health.

It is desirable to organize your day so that it was present time to rest. Excessive load during the day, the constant employment - all of these factors adversely affect the health of the whole.

Also possible are more frequent in the open air, and spend free time with people who, of course, you are pleasant.