Monday, February 13, 2012

Women's Health And The Figure

It was found that 58% of these women have absolutely all kinds of violations of women's sexual functions at once - they are experiencing discomfort during sexual intercourse, dryness of the genital organs, sexual arousal they develop over a longer than usual time, they have reduced ability to achieve orgasm , reduced the sensitivity of the clitoris. In anticipation of Viagra that theoretically should help these women.

The older woman becomes, the greater her risk of developing these diseases, which men often lead to impotence - atherosclerosis and diabetes. Medical science has proven that exercise with weights - a magic panacea for the ills that come with age, from the destructive lifestyle that we lead. But the figures of many bodybuilders lead to confusion. People think that these achievements are only possible as a result of heavy, long hours of labor, which is incompatible with the lifestyle they lead, or taking any drugs that provide growth and prominence of muscles. In part they are right. However, even a 40-minute workout a week can have a pronounced effect, even an ordinary morning for 10-15 minutes of charging gives tremendous benefits to the body and the stagnant muscles. Well, if you want to look like a bodybuilder, you have to train like a bodybuilder. That is, for science-based methods of training with a special sports nutrition, purposefully and stubbornly. You can make your body strong and beautiful, walking the beaten track champion, using techniques known to the legendary bodybuilder. Woman to become an Amazon, trebly difficult. For the fairer sex is a serious restructuring of the body is fraught with serious health problems.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to learn sexopathologists sexual desire women?

Until recently, sexual pathologists engaged exclusively in erectile dysfunction. And that should be considered a violation of women's sexual function, researchers have only recently agreed. For example, violations of sexual desire women (sexual arousal), we can say that if the lack of sexual desire in women is her problem, which causes stress. So far there are no "decent" way to measure sexual desire women. Special rate as the blood sugar level, no. But the existing methods or unpleasant, or subjective. For example, vaginal photoplethysmography -  device that measures blood flow to the vagina during sexual stimulation did not agree to use each woman. A degree of hydration sheaths ─ figure unreliable.
The only real way to assess ─ tests to determine the woman's sexual desire. They are more like a psychological tool, for example, "The index of sexual function of women / FSFI", consists of 19 items that assess the six groups of indicators, including sexual desire, sexual arousal, genital moisture, orgasm, sexual satisfaction and pain.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Walnuts and Prostate Cancer

A handful of walnuts a day may help prevent prostate cancer. Scientists believe that walnuts reduce the size of the tumor and slow its growth. The researchers advise men to a regular diet of nuts 14 are added daily.

Prostate cancer is the most common disease in men and second most deadly, after lung cancer ...

Although the causes of these diseases are not yet fully known, but it is believed they are related to diet and usually occur in people whose diet is rich in meat, fats, and fruits and vegetables is not enough.

Walnuts - a natural source of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids and prevent breast cancer, cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer.

In the latter study, researchers from the University of California, studied mice that were genetically prone to prostate cancer. Mice for two months were added to food walnuts. The researchers found that mice slowed the growth of cancer and decreased in size. Walnuts should be part of a balanced diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables.