Friday, October 1, 2010

Vacuum Erector

Using a vacuum erector boils down to this: a man enters the penis into a hollow plastic cylinder, which is a short tube connected to a vacuum pump. Open end of the cylinder on the edge of the glued elastic material. This material serves as a gate - insulator, it is densely covers the penis and prevents access of air into the cylinder. When the pump from the chamber of the cylinder sucked air inside creates a negative pressure - a relative vacuum. In such devices always used a hand pump with a pear, for an arbitrary regulation of air pressure. With electric pumps do not apply.

Due to a negative pressure inside the cylinder the blood rushes to the penis and an erection is achieved.

The entire procedure usually takes three to five minutes. Once an erection, the user pulls tight elastic ring at the base of the penis - in order to prevent leakage of blood through the veins of the penis. As a result, the resulting erection will be kept about half an hour, or until it is withdrawn elastic waist.

One of the unpleasant drawback of this method stems from the fact that the blood, through which ensured an erection - primarily venous. A venous blood in the first place, much colder than the arterial, and secondly, it is a bluish color, and accordingly the same shade becomes the penis.

Vacuum Erector - the best option for men who want to solve erection problems without recourse to chemical drugs. According to one study conducted among men who use vacuum erector, 85% of them are completely satisfied with the action of the device, as, indeed, and their partners. Unpleasant effects are not so frequent, and, unlike the elastic implanted prosthesis, the side effects quickly disappear if the device is used less often or with less intensity. On the other hand, a cylinder with a vacuum pump - quite unnatural device, which is one of its kind could bring to the relationship partner rather awkward. In addition, for the use of vacuum erector requires certain technical skills.

Viagra and alcohol

In clinical trials of Viagra, it was observed that the level of the drug in the blood if the patient while taking certain other medicines - probably due to the fact that other drugs in any way affect the speed of processing and launch of Viagra from the body. For drugs that have such an action is an antibiotic erythromycin, tsimetin - an antioxidant which can be applied to treat tumors, called cimetidine and antifungal drugs ketoconazole and itraconazole.

Since an increased concentration of Viagra in the blood associated with the risk of unwanted side effects, experts Pfizer advise those who take cimetidine or other similar drugs, and definitely wants to undergo treatment Viagra, to begin treatment with minimal doses - 25 mg per tablet.

One can not speak well of such interactions of Viagra with other drugs, which do not need to worry. For example, Viagra does not affect the ability of aspirin prevent the blood clots - which is very important for many middle-aged people who take daily aspirin to prevent strokes.

Above all, there were no adverse effects on the interaction of Viagra and alcohol. Pfizer conducted a study in which healthy men took alcohol in such quantity that ultimately blood alcohol concentration of eight hundredths of one percent.

Such a mixture of Viagra and alcohol, as it turned out, lowers blood pressure no more than one alcohol itself. Alcohol, of course, having an impact on sexual function - both positive and negative. As he wrote about this phenomenon in his Shakespeare's Macbeth, alcohol "fans a passion, but takes away the possibility to implement it." Therefore, if you are taking Viagra, squeezed her alcohol, do not forget - the alcohol is quite able to negate all the achievements of Viagra.