Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In continuation of Friendship.......

Very cute and nice flow of their friendship, until such time as the advice and experience of each other do not lead them to bed. Typical, this occurs at a time when both poorly. Did not work out with her, he broke up with my girlfriend. Sorrow and pain, hurt and disappointment unite them. They begin to understand each other as never before. Choke their own saliva, talking about how he changed her, or how she left him. Sure this happens in a bar or club where there is booze. Then he, a friend called to see her, she's gracious agreed. They reach the door, and she tearful rushes into his arms and talks about how she had not wanted in this difficult moment to be alone. He was a true gentleman and a true friend, called to support it and easily be invited for a cup of coffee. Drank coffee. It's time to sleep. Formed, in a friendly, maybe on one couch. And the gentle touch of her hand and becomes thereby the moment, which cancels the friendship. They have tasted the forbidden fruit. Here it is the standard model of the development of friendly relations between man and woman.

Now, as they think, or think one of them, the relationship will be much stronger. But in fact, someone old friendships, and current love unites, and someone on the contrary creates problems. When we are friends, we do not notice many things. We do not see what is visible in the relations of love. And then all or ends, there is no friendship and no love and sometimes contrary to develop, strengthen and becomes indestructible.

I will not be new, if I say that from the standpoint of a psychologist and sex therapist, friendship, men and women - quite unnatural form of relationship that can exist relatively long time in only one case - people like each other, but there is a force majeure, not giving them the opportunity to become lovers, or one of the parties wants to madly love relationships, and the latter persists in ignoring hints first! And this axiom comes from the practical analysis of many specific situations and always life-affirming. Same-sex friendships may be based on mutual respect, the similarity of attitudes and characters, on the fact that we can safely discuss with a friend or girlfriend all the vicissitudes of our intimate life and get over her advice.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Friendship between a man and a woman?

Can there be a real strong friendship between a man and a woman? Surely this question often asked students, sitting at his desk! Since they can not understand what this feeling increased interest in classmate or a classmate. Friendship is it? Love it?

Time passes and they become best friends and begin to believe in the friendship between a boy and girl, man and woman. They are the happiest people because they have not yet realized the law of attraction. They still do not understand that stretches plus to minus and minus to plus. What a bad stretches to good, and good to bad. That much in this world is based on the energy metabolism. That everything in life complement each other, and these supplements, and energy metabolism, as a rule, negative in comparison.

The friendship between a man and a woman - a concept in any case, a relative, as they heterosexual beings. And the thrust each other can occur only on the background of sympathy. Women are weak and fragile as it may be another man, because the main element of friendship is its support at a difficult moment, but as a woman can maintain order in the complex subconsciously, sees a potential advocate and father of the family?

How can a man in a woman see each other? He especially feels the smell, assess the external data, subconscious, it to him a sexual object, as a female in the herd. And if it is in this good-looking, if they do seize the animal instincts, and she becomes the prey in his eyes. Of course, he can talk to her about the sublime and beautiful, to ignore the call of the flesh, to convince himself that it was only friendship. For the time being ...