Thursday, September 16, 2010

Male sexual function disorders

Without exaggeration we can say that there are many men, for whom such a condition as erectile dysfunction, rather the very possibility of it's appearance, become a real phobia. In addition, erectile dysfunction is often seen as synonymous with impotence.

Erectile dysfunction is a form of male sexual function disorders. About Erectile Dysfunction say when a man has difficulty in keeping an erection of the penis during all sexual intercourse. The partners may have problems with the normal sexual act, which often has a negative impact on the psychology of relationships. Erectile dysfunction can occur in men at any age, but there is evidence that in most cases it develops in patients middle-aged and older. The causes of erectile dysfunction can be as somatic diseases and psychological. It is very important in time to see a specialist for qualified medical care, without losing precious time to shame and doubt, the search for alternative methods of treatment. In most clinical cases of erectile dysfunction is curable. Treatment of erectile dysfunction is assigned to the identified causes and made individually for each patient.