Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Morning exercises for weight loss

In an effort to lose weight, have more to complicate his task. In addition to the workout of all muscles is recommended to jumping rope, as well as exercises for the press, hips, buttocks and legs. They should make a rapid pace.

Exercise for the buttocks and thighs

Stand erect, facing the left side to the back of the chair, grasp it with his left hand. Lift the leg bent at the knee before him (sock - perpendicular to the floor), drop it, without putting on the floor, and lift again, but by directing traffic to the right. Once again, lower your leg and repeat all over again (as in a fast pace). Then change the position of the body and perform the same exercise with the other leg.

Exercise for the press and buttocks

Lying on your back with legs bent at the knees, keep your feet, hips and shoulders to the floor. Pick up at first only the pelvis, much straining muscles of the buttocks, and then - the rest of the body, relying on the shoulder and foot. Hold this position by controlling muscle tension and return to starting position (10-15 times). After some rest, do the same exercise, but in a fast pace.