Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Norm of sexual health

Sexual health - a complex of physical, emotional and social aspects of sexual being. Sexual health and enrich people, increases communication skills and his ability to love. Everyone has the right to information on sexuality and sex education, so says the World Health Organization.

Sexual health of men and women - a condition that ensures optimal realization inherent in human capabilities, his personality, biological and social features.

Norm of sexual health, men and women - is their ability to enjoy and control sexual behavior and childbearing in accordance with the norms of social and personal ethics. It is freedom from fear, shame and guilt, false beliefs and psychological factors inhibiting sexual response and sexual violation of a relationship. Sexual health means the absence of organic disorders, diseases, preventing the implementation of sexual and reproductive functions.

The ability to enjoy and control sexual behavior in humans is gradually formed in the process of development. Before a certain maturity of man is not considered to be sexually healthy. In everyday life the state of sexual health and its disorders depend on the sexual constitution and age of the men and women, social conditions, particularly sexual partner.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Disease of the penis

Disease (disease) of the penis is usually caused by a lesion of the foreskin. There are infections, including sexually transmitted diseases through, and psychosexual disorders.


Phimosis - a disease of the penis - the restriction of the opening of the foreskin, which is impossible to expose the glans penis. In normal neonates the inner surface of prepuce and glans penis are not separated. As the child grows, the foreskin is mobile, it's cavity is finally formed by 6 years. Prior to this age forced the release of the glans penis is not recommended. If the 7 years the foreskin remains stationary and there is balanitis, showing it's circular excision - circumcision.

Disease of the penis phimosis is congenital (rare) or acquired. Acquired phimosis may be temporary (such as acute balanoposthitis) and persistent (in chronic balanoposthitis with scarring). When the cavity of phimosis of the foreskin during urination is stretched due to falls in her urine, you may experience difficulties during intercourse.

Treatment of phimosis - the temporary phimosis caused by acute balanoposthitis, use corticosteroid ointment. If the scar is shown phimosis circumcision.


Paraphimosis - a disease of the penis - impairment of the glans penis narrow foreskin. It usually occurs between the ages of 6-12 years. Accompanied by phimosis occurs during erection or after bladder catheterization, edema glans penis, severe pain, to shift back the foreskin can not.

Treatment of paraphimosis - is urgently needed to reposition the glans penis, which is usually performed without anesthesia. If pain relief is still carried out in solution of local anesthetic is not added adrenaline.


Balanitis (balanoposthitis) - a disease of the penis - inflammation of the glans penis. Typically, balanitis combined with acrobystitis (balanoposthitis). The most frequent pathogen - Candida albicans. The first manifestations - redness and burning sensation in the glans penis and foreskin - usually caused by a failure to comply with hygiene. Later joins the bacterial infection.

Infants balanoposthitis summoned untimely changing diapers, elderly balanoposthitis - is one of the complications of diabetes. When balanoposthitis exclude: diabetes, Reiter's syndrome.

Treatment balanita - sowing discharge from the penis and the inner layer of the foreskin. Careful toilet glans penis and foreskin. Antimicrobial therapy: when a fungal infection - topical nystatin or other treatments, with a bacterial infection - antibiotic therapy, such as chloramphenicol or hlortstratsiklin. With recurrent balanoposthitis - circumcision.

Sexual neuroses

Sexual neuroses - a reversible psychogenic functional disorders of the sexual sphere. Sexual neuroses manifest themselves in disorders of sexual functions, male or female under the influence of stressful factors. Distinguish two groups of neurotic disorders: neuroses (more severe and prolonged state) and neurotic reactions (lighter and short-term illness).

Sexual neuroses :

By sexual neuroses include sexual offenses, which occurred due to the distorted, neurotic personality development in childhood, prolonged exposure to traumatic factors. Such neuroses manifest themselves at the first attempt to start a life together and occur chronically.

The sexual neuroses than violations in the sexual sphere are usually observed disturbances of functions of other systems, the manifestations of the general neurosis. Most experts believe unfounded self-selection of sexual neuroses, sexual neurasthenia, mental impotence, considering sexual dysfunction a cause or a consequence of various neurological conditions. Under any form of sexual neurosis (hysterical, obsessive-compulsive disorder, neurotic depression, neurasthenia) can meet sexual disorders: from a slight decline of sexual desire (libido) to the total lack of erection or ejaculation in men. There may be situations when a neurosis arises because of the sexual dysfunction caused no trauma and other causes.

Sexual neurotic reactions occur at any age, developed after exposure to a traumatic factor. Traumatic factors are generally well known and understood the patient. The most common trauma is a systematic betrayal of the family or care of a spouse. For women, the traumatic factor is also low sexual culture and lack of sexual experience with a partner, rape, abortion, fear of unwanted pregnancy, in men - the wrong behavior of women, fear during intercourse, infection or fear of contracting venereal disease. Of great importance is lack of knowledge about the psychophysiology of sexual activity.