Thursday, December 15, 2011

Causes of potency

Physiological causes: diabetes, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular system, circulatory deterioration genital inflammatory diseases of the genital system, the lack of a body of necessary substances and trace elements, and much more. To find out the reasons to see a doctor, who will reveal the real cause of reduced potency.

Psychological causes: stress, nervous tension, incompatibility of psychological portraits of partners. Psychological causes often act as an oppressor of libido in male psychology, and do not allow an erection at an appropriate level.
External causes: alcoholism, smoking, use of drugs. Eating high-cholesterol diet. Poor environment. All these factors could lead to a deterioration in potency.

How to increase the potency and libido?

First of all, regular sex, especially after 30 years. Sex does not only improve potency but also the quality of sperm, helps to increase their number. Sex improves the blood flow to the genital area by removing the psychological uncertainty and fear.

Proper nutrition.

It is necessary that the body receives all the necessary vitamins and minerals to improve health, increase the potency and libido. You should also add to your diet Vitamin E and selenium - a powerful antioxidant that helps maintain a healthy prostate and sexual organs by neutralizing free radicals. Zinc and iron can also help maintain a healthy prostate and job functions of sexual organs.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sexual activity

Men's health - a global problem, which is not limited solely to sexual dysfunction. In particular, scientists have been associated with an unfavorable environment marked by many industrialized countries, the deterioration of semen quality, the increase in male infertility and increase the number of diseases such as testicular cancer. Over the past 25 years doubled the risk of this terrible disease in men 15 to 45 years. In Russia, men's health problems are particularly acute: in our country, life expectancy for women than men for 13 years.

Important role to play in the men's way of life belongs in sexual activity. In the public mind, and especially in the consciousness of the men themselves, masculinity and sexuality - are almost synonymous. Any disorder of sexual function, even outside the context of reproduction and receiving pleasure, dramatically reduce men's self-esteem and cause a lot of psychological difficulties, especially as the men talk about it for the most part shy.

Canadian psychologists Bogaert and Fisher in 1995 compared the level of sexual activity, 215 young men (mean age 19.9 years), including the number of sexual partners, with the results of psychological testing and the amount found in their saliva testosterone. The most important psychological trait of young men, leading an intense sexual life, and with the large number of women who love to novelty and risk, physical attractiveness, emotional and looseness in the saliva they had found elevated levels of testosterone.

What does it mean for men testosterone? According to some authors, it is - an advance of eternal youth, issued by the nature of men to compensate for possible losses in their fight for a place under the sun.

However, the modern man begins to age, excessive weight gain, muscle and lose interest in women, it hardly pass for 35-40. Why is this happening? Modern science says that more than three favorite things (sofas, cars and beer - the sequence arrange themselves) to blame the hormone testosterone. More precisely, the lack of it - the only gap that needs to worry about the real man.