Friday, November 26, 2010

Men's health and stress

Men can have a three symptoms of stress. Must be able to recognize these symptoms, as women tend to perceive them as a personal insult, wrongly assuming that all it concerns them personally. These three symptoms - withdrawal, grunts and "off." When this happens to men, women usually think that he does not love her, and she think that their relationship is something going wrong. Correct interpretation of these symptoms can help women relax and give your partner a more reliable support to help him cope with stress and return to equilibrium.

Men's reaction to stress - is closed in itself.

The first reaction of men to stress manifested in the fact that it is closed and removed from a particular situation. Under the influence of stress, men tend to deny their feelings and mental anguish and automatically closed in itself. A common feature of closure is to stop communicating. Man does not want to talk about. His girlfriend will inevitably perceive this behavior as a personal insult, not realizing that it is closed in itself because it is trying to cope with stress.

Woman mistakenly assumes that this is far worse - it seems that he does not love her. This is understandable, since the closure for it - this is a symptom of growing irritation about the relationship, as well as a sign of lack of concern and involvement.

He is deaf to others' pain just as unaware of their own. He can not feel compassion. He downplays the emerging around the issue. When someone is in need of his sympathy, it automatically closed itself in order not to feel his own pain.

He acts as if he had everything perfectly, but, suppressing his feelings, is more aloof and withdrawn. He rejected all forms of intimacy and any attempt to love his men to help him. A woman needs to understand that when a man becomes closed or detached, it is internally struggling with their painful feelings. Any of its attempt to help him meet resistance or be rejected.